About Christopher

Who he is, what he does.

Christopher Parrish is a professional pianist, singer, composer and teacher. As a pianist, he prides himself on his virtuoso technique, power and breadth as an improviser. Speaking in terms of genre, his greatest passion lies not in any one style of jazz but in the components of Jazz music itself, outlined by legendary jazz drummer Jack Gilfoy:

The principals of Jazz:

  • an element of swing
  • an element of the blues
  • an element of improvisation

Given those ingredients, his capabilities as a pianist are equal parts emotionally vast and technically boundless.

Christopher Parrish comes from a highly musical family. Although he hated the idea of formal piano lessons as a child, he took to teaching himself with obsessive determination. Originally from Indiana, he moved to St. Louis in 2017 to further his career in music. Both fiery and contemplative, his playing is often characterized by dramatic changes in mood and texture.

Christopher currently resides in St. Louis where he has applied himself to varying projects and ensembles, including:

  • Myriad solo piano ventures in restaurants, bars and clubs
  • Sideman in assorted jazz and swing bands, such as “Annie and the Furtrappers” and “The Gaslight Squares” 
  • Organizing unique concert experiences such as the first annual Duke Ellington birthday celebration at the Focal Point in Maplewood (more info to come for the second annual celebration – coming soon on April 29, 2019!)

Christopher is a passionate performer and is hungry to move you with his music.